History 2013

10th Annual Conference - Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Proceedings from the conference available below. Thank you to all the speakers for an inspiring day and thank you to the conference attendees who participated and engaged with the ideas. We really enjoyed our 10 year celebration of SJIEC conferences, and thanks to Sue for the fabulous vegan green and purple birthday cakes!

Download: 10th Annual Conference Program
Download: Tribute to Betty Hopson
Download: A Historical Cup Of Tea October 2001
Download: Parents as activists - Dr Marianne Fenech
Download: Angeline Neville & Madeleine Masters - Teachers' Panel
Download: Angeline Neville - Teachers' Panel
Download: Dianne Hiles Children Out of Detention (ChilOut)
Download: Tonia Godhard - the NQS and social justice
Download: ZSuzsa Millei - Keynote - Imagined communities and possible lives