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Posted by Brigitte Mitchell, Early Childhood Teacher New South Wales, Australia on

This edition shares new stories and new voices from the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sectors in Australia and abroad. These voices include senior academic...

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Posted by Cassandra Way, Early Childhood Educator and Student New South Wales, Australia on

Being an early childhood educator can sometimes be an isolating experience. Yes, we are surrounded by a limitless source of families and children, each with their own experiences...

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Posted by Martel Menz, Vice President Early Childhood Australian Education Union Victoria, Australia on

In Latin, advocacy means “to call to one’s aid.” I like this. It evokes images of collectivism and unity, of people standing side by side working together for a shared...

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Posted by Marnie Saunders, Annie Dennis Children’s Centre Victoria, Australia on

If you had told me over 12 months ago that my kinder group was taking action to support Asylum Seekers in Australia, I would have laughed and said “how?”. Well, that is...

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Posted by Jessica Whamond, Apple Tree Kindergarten Room Leader Kensington Community Children's Cooperative Victoria, Australia on

I recently attended the Victorian Anti-Bias Book Launch on March 17th 2017, where the speakers spoke about identity and how they identify themselves. Hearing these stories...